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Uniquely Delicious Experience

Gimbap is a Korean comfort food. It reminds me of my family and early childhood by the coast. In my province Jeolla-Do, we are famous for the best laver(dried seaweed) and the best traditional cuisine including Kimchi. 

 I moved from my small hometown to Seoul. I brought my grandmother's recipes with me. Gimbap has remained a constant in my life. It reminds me of my small seaside town, going through busy farmers market with my grandmother, school sports days and homely comfort in a big city. 

 Gimbap is as popular as ever in Seoul. it is loved by people of all ages and walks of life. Everyone from the busy office worker to speedy taxi drivers and industrious students can be found eating Gimbap to get their fill of deliciousness and nutrition. I would like to share this delicious and healthy Korean food with people here.  

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